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I will never forget watching my beloved Cleveland Browns in the 1986 AFC Championship game.  It was the first time I cried over a loss -- I was 9 years old.  You might remember that game for "The Drive."  To me it was the first indication that sports was not just a game to me.  I can still see the dejected Browns limping off the field.  It changed my life.  Since that time, I have cheered, booed and cried through countless sporting events as a fan.  It wasn't until a decade later that I realized I could actually make talking about sports my career. And the first time I stood in front of a camera and the red light came on... I was hooked.  That day changed my career path from Education to Broadcast Journalism. That was more than a decade ago and I have been surpremely blessed ever since.  Currently I live and work in Chicago, where my first assignment was Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley Field.  I instantly fell in love with the City and its passion for sports.  I never see that more than covering the Bears.  Sometimes I can't believe I get to be at every game-- such a gift!  I've really come to truly have not picked a baseball team.  As a non-native... this is my lone right.. for now.  I felt the same passion for sports teams spending five years in my home state of Ohio where I worked in Columbus and Cleveland for both FOX Sports Ohio and the Big Ten Network.  I covered LeBron James, Jim Tressel, Ohio State in the BCS National Championship Game -- twice.  I met so many fantastic people in the media as well as great fans!  It was a gift to be "home" for a while after stops in Montana, Vermont, San Diego and Florida.  It's been quite a ride.

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